Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a ...... BOY!

I've been a little bit delinquent in posting about this because we found out several weeks ago, BUT, baby #2 is another boy! We're on our way to that basketball team Chad says we're going to have.
I am 29 weeks now and everything is going well. I'm feeling about as big as a house already and am already having trouble bending over, rolling in bed, etc. Oh what fun! But, I'm glad I'm feeling good and feeling the new little guy flipping and moving all over the place. Less than 3 months left to go...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Diego!

Last weekend Chad and I had a little get-away to San Diego for a couple days. My parents watched Parker - it was our first time to leave him for a couple days. I think he had a blast getting spoiled with lots of attention while we were gone.

We enjoyed a few days in much much cooler weather with high temperatures only in the upper 60's. We stayed on Coronado Island and spent quite a bit of time just hanging out there, walking around the shops and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

On Saturday it was a little drizzly outside so we opted for some inside entertainment and took a tour of the U.S.S. Midway. It was interesting to see what life was like for all of those people that spent time on the ship.

Chad is proudly displaying his headphones for our audio tour.
Saturday night we got to drive to the San Diego temple and see it all lit up. It is quite a sight off the side of the freeway!
We spent Sunday at the zoo before making the drive back to Henderson. It was fun to have a weekend together to celebrate our 4th anniversary and just get away from work, if only for a couple days.