Thursday, October 25, 2007

He's Here!!!

Parker Boyd Davidson, born 10/24/07 at 3:10PM.

7lbs, 9oz, 22inches long - a long boy!!

Kellie and Parker are both doing great. No issues and she hopes to be home by this evening.
Kellie's labor went mostly as planned. They started Pitocin at about 8AM on Wednesday morning. She labored for awhile in pain until she FINALLY got that wonderful epidural around 1PM. After that, it was mostly smooth sailing. She started pushing at about 2:15PM. We stopped counting the pushes (because there were many!!) but Kellie was a trooper. She kept it up and after what seemed like forever, but was really only an hour, Parker made his amazing entrance into the world. He'd had the cord wrapped around his neck twice so that was part of the reason for his delay. No harm done though and he's the pinkest and most handsome baby around. Congratulations to Kellie and Chad!
Here are some of the pics, but for all the fun - go HERE (you might have to install a little file - it's safe :)) and watch a slideshow of all the action.

And my personal favorite . . . .

Hi Mom!!!