Sunday, September 28, 2008

11 Months!

Parker is 11 months old!

Parker is now much more interested in walking as shown in the last video. He can take a few (falling) steps before he dives. He is getting better and better at walking circles around the coffee table.
In the last couple of days Parker has also started crawling like normal up on his hands and knees. That would be a welcome change for me after the constantly dirty shirts from cleaning every floor with his chest.

Parker has taken new interest in the toilet. If we leave the bathroom door open, it won't be long before we find Parker swishing around in the toilet. Yuck!

Parker LOVES airplanes! We have a lot of planes flying overhead all the time in the Las Vegas area. As soon as he hears the Plane noise he looks toward the sky to find the plane and laughs.

Parker has a walker at my mom's house and has recently taken it to street! Last week he was found racing up and down the street with my mom and loving every minute of it.
Parker now has...count 'em.....14 teeth! He's working on four new ones on the top and two new ones on the bottom to add to 8 front teeth he already had.
This has led to Parker eating mostly whatever we have for dinner. We have been phasing out baby food for the most part. He loves eating whatever we have, but has led him to be a little bit more picky. Tonight we had dinner at Chad's parents house and we had mashed potatoes, meat loaf, and broccoli. Parker ate every bit of meat loaf and potatoes. Each bite of broccoli he reached in, pulled it out, and threw it on the floor. Lovely.

Parker also loves the stairs. If it was him, I think we'd go up and down the stairs all day. He climbs up them so quickly!
Our little guy is quite a character and is getting more and more personality everyday! The big birthday is right around the corner! hard to believe!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bathtime Fun!

Parker anxiously awaits bathtime each time as we
wait for the water to get warm. I love this shot!

Parker loves bathtime! So much fun splashing and playing. One of these little cups he plays with in the bath has two little holes in it. I fill it up with water and hold it up above him. He always tries to drink the water as it comes down and ends up getting most of it in his eyes :)