Tuesday, January 17, 2012


At church on Sunday Tyler was talking in his usual loud voice.  The lady behind us who often talks to the boys leaned forward, "Tyler, shhhhh....we need to be quiet to be respectful to Jesus."  Tyler turned his head and looked at the man at the pulpit and casually responded, "That's not Jesus!"

Parker's in Charge

Conversation with Parker a couple days ago...

Me:  I'm tired.  Can I go take a nap?
Parker: Sure
Me: Ok, Who's going to be in charge?
Parker: Me!
Me: Ok, who's going to feed Tessa?
Parker: I am
Me: What are you going to feed her?
Parker: Broccoli
Me: Where are you going to get broccoli?
Parker: At the grocery store
Me: How are you going to get there?
Parker:  You just turn left and then right and then you're there!

I guess it's that simple!