Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update for Dad

Dear Dad,
It's been a week now since you've moved on to bigger and better things. It has been a blur of a week to say the least. We have been going nonstop. We got back from Key West yesterday and are trying to get back to "normal". We are all exhausted from being so busy and the time change. Wendie and Nate are packing up the house to move so we've been busy trying to help them as well.
Everything in Florida went pretty well considering the circumstances. We did our best to keep it together, especially for all of the relatives. Some of them have been taking it pretty hard, understandably. We hoped to be able to share some of our hope with them that we would get to see you again someday...that this isn't so much a goodbye as it is a "see you later". Clearly, that doesn't mean we don't feel sorrow because we definitely all miss you terribly, but it gives us a lot of hope and clarity to know that we will get to see you again when we are done with our time here on earth.
The funeral went very well. It was a nice service and a lot of people came to support you and our family. Many, many of the firefighters came on behalf of David. Lots of people came from near and far and filled that small chapel. The fire trucks led the processional to the cemetery. We had quite an impact on traffic! As Wendie said, "I bet dad never thought he'd stop traffic in Key West." Well, for one day you sure did.
The people in your ward here in Henderson really wanted to do something to celebrate your life here so they are putting together a memorial for tomorrow evening. Hopefully all goes well with that.
No new news in terms of durdee furn....there were a lot of calls when we were gone, but I did my best to avoid answering the phone. We'll get back into it one of these days when we're feeling a little bit more ready. I listed stuff for Wendie today for some things she doesn't want to move, but that's about it. I'll keep you posted.
We'll keep thinking about you lots and lots and lots!