Monday, March 23, 2009

Sixteen going on Seventeen...

Parker is 16 going on 17 months. He is so full of personality and keeps us laughing all day!
Now that the weather is great here in Vegas, Parker loves being outside! I think he would choose to be outside all day if it was up to him. He loves watching the airplanes fly overhead and points them out every 30 seconds or so. He also likes to collect rocks and throw them. He is trying to perfect the art of stepping up and down the curb, but not without many falls. He currently has quite a bruise on the side of his face from a curb misstep. His most favorite thing is dogs! He finds every dog that walks by and listens for their barks around the neighborhood. He usually barks back at them. Too funny!
Parker is still a big eater. He knows we keep the food in the fridge and a certain cabinet. If he is hungry or bored he goes in the kitchen and pulls on the fridge or stands in front of the cabinet and whines. Other kids aren't allowed to have snacks around him without him letting them know that he needs to have some too. He doesn't care if the other person is a complete stranger - he feels perfectly entitled to whatever they are eating. He is starting to get a little pickier when it comes to dinner time and not wanting to eat meat (he is too much of a carb lover!!), but overall he's a pretty good eater.
Parker loves to load and unload most anything. He has been in this phase for quite a while now. He will spend the longest time completely entertained by moving his books from one basket to the other basket, moving cheerios from one bowl to the other, etc. It's so funny that something so simple can keep him entertained for so long.
Parker's favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba. When he hears the intro music and realizes it is starting he comes running. He loves listening to the same silly songs over and over and sometimes likes to get his groove on too.
Parker has quite a bit of attitude these days too. He knows too well how to throw himself on the ground and pout if things aren't going his way. He makes sure this happens somewhere we can watch so we will know how upset he is and hopefully give in. I'm working to break his habit of pulling my hair when he gets mad at me. He is going through more of a mommy-attachment phase too.
He loves to give hugs and kisses. He is very loving when he wants to be. We're having lots of fun with Parks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food Storage???

At dinner tonight, Parker seemed to think that peas are supposed to go in our ears. Who knew??
(Sorry for the extremely blurry picture)