Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Boys...

Clumsiest Week Ever!

Last week I had the clumsiest week ever. On Sunday, I was getting out of the car at church and realized someone was trying to pull into the spot next to us . In an effort to hurry to get out of the way, I closed my leg in the car door. Lucky for me I didn't even get a run in my nylons, needless to say, I got quite a mark on my leg. On Monday, I was hurrying down the stairs in my slippers to get to Parker and somehow slipped and fell down five or six stairs. I got quite a rug burn down my back to show for it. Then, on Thursday, I was making dinner for Chad for Valentine's Day. I sent him upstairs so it would be a little bit of a surprise presentation when he came down. I got everything ready and was finishing up with the asparagus. The handle for the pan was hot so for some reason on the put the pot holder on my left hand and while carrying the pan to the plate I dropped the entire pan and asparagus and almonds covered the entire kitchen floor! Not just in a pile where I dropped the pan, but everywhere! I just left it there and salvaged one piece of asparagus for each of us. When Chad came downstairs I think he was too distracted by the mess in the kitchen to even notice the table that I had set and all the food I made.
I'm hoping for better weeks to come! ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Einstein

Here is Parker, enthralled with Baby Einsten Mozart for a few minutes tonight so that Chad and I could sit together and enjoy our dinner. This is the first time he has paid attention to it for more than a few seconds. A nice little break for us :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

3 Months Old

Parker is now 3 months old! The time is flying by!! One of the biggest changes this past month, much to my dismay (and my discomfort) is that Parker now has a TOOTH! Yes, it is a little early for teeth, but apparently it's genetic and we must have genes for early teeth. Along with the beginnings of teeth has come lots and lots of drool! :)
His hair is growing longer all the time. He has had a little bit of a spikey hair-do lately. For now, Parker is in a cat-napping phase. Gone are the days of 2-3 hour naps. Parker now seems to just go for 10-20 minute naps several times throughout the day. It makes it a little difficult to get much else done, especially for my mom and sister when they watch him. He loves to be entertained. He always wants someone to sing, dance, talk, or move around with him. He still has plenty of laughs and smiles and he loves to coo. He is a fabulous sleeper at night and we continue to be grateful for that! We are looking forward to all that the next month brings!